Quick Feature ListΒΆ

In this chapter we list the PunchPlatform functions. Because you can do a number of things (and invent some), we choose to list functions using the following simple taxonomy:

  1. The First column lists a high level functional domain: data processing, interfaces, storage, etc ..
  2. The Second column lists high-level key functions
  3. The Feature column identifies the corresponding PunchPlatform components providing that function.

Navigate through the documentation for more details.

Domain Function Components
Data Processing    
  Parsing Punchlets & Punch
  filtering Punchlets & Punch
  aggregation PunchPlatform Bolts, Pygregator
  enrichment Punchlets & Punch
  arbitrary processing Third-Party Bolts
Data Analytics    
  anomalies detection PunchPlatform Job
  correlation PunchPlatform Bolts
  detection PunchPlatform Bolts
  alert generation PunchPlatform Elastalert
Accepted Data Format    
  Strings (UTF-8) PunchPlatform Spouts
  Syslog PunchPlatform Spouts
  Netflow PunchPlatform Spouts
  Lumberjack PunchPlatform Spouts
  JSON, XML PunchPlatform Spouts
Input Data Interfaces    
  UDP/TCP/SSL/Compression PunchPlatform Spouts
  Kafka PunchPlatform Spouts
  Elasticsearch PunchPlatform Spouts
  Files PunchPlatform Spouts
Output Data Interfaces    
  UDP/TCP/SSL/Compression PunchPlatform Bolts
  Kafka PunchPlatform Bolts
  Elasticsearch PunchPlatform Bolts
  Files PunchPlatform Bolts
  Ceph Archive PunchPlatform Bolts
Long Term Storage    
  Offline Data Formating Punchlets
  CEPH PunchPlatform CEPH storage
  File based, signature PunchPlatform FileBolt
  Elasticsearch based Elasticsearch Snapshots
  Offline Data Reload PunchPlatform HouseKeeping
  Offline Data Export  
  Extraction CEPH, Spouts and Bolts
  Replay CEPH, Spouts and Bolts
  Protection Ciphering service
Online Search    
  Search Guis Kibana4, Grafana
  Extraction Kibana4 plugin
  Reporting Kibana4 plugin
  Search APIs Elasticsearch
  Health status PunchPlatform Admin service
  Performance metrics Spouts, Bolts, Grafana
  REST API for supervision PunchPlatform Admin service