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Custom Deployment


The design starts by writting the file. The punchplatorm is mix of several components:

  • processing components : Storm, Spark
  • queing components : Kafka
  • Indexation & visualisation components : Elasticsearch, Kibana
  • Storage components : Ceph
  • Administration components : Shiva, operator environment.

Each components is described in the

Run the Deployer

After the few steps explained just before, you have a few additional commands available. The first to try is this one:

1 -g

You can restrict the deployment by using the following group of hosts and tags:

group of hosts tags
zookeeper_servers zookeeper
elasticsearch_servers elasticsearch
kibana_servers kibana
storm_servers storm
kafka_servers kafka
metricbeat_servers metricbeat
ceph_servers ceph
punchplatform_operator_servers operator
git_bare_servers git
spark_servers spark
shiva_servers shiva

It will take some time. What does is do ? It reads your two configuration files (from $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR), and generates a complete set of ansible inventories to deploy the corresponding components on your tartget server(s). Check the generated ansible inventories, they are located in your deployment directory:

cd $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR/generated_inventory

Starting from now you start thinking the ansible way. If the last command succeeded you can start the effective deployement:

1 deploy -k -K

How do you test your deployment ? Simply retype the same command:

1 deploy -k -K

It must be all green and yellow.