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Troubleshooting No logs in Kibana

Why do that

Sometimes, there is no logs in Kibana. The best way to perform a good investigation is to make sure there is no logs in Elasticsearch.


  1. Check the index creation through the Elasticsearch API
$ curl <elasticsearch_cluster_url>:9200/_cat/indices

Check if all are green/yellow. If Red follow the related procedure. Check if there is missing index, the issue may be before Elasticsearch Cluster. So check the health of the PunchPlatform through kibana monitoring dashboard ( index punchplatform and punchplatform-<date>). If all today index are created, check the content of these index.

$ curl <elasticsearch_cluster_url>:9200/<index>/_search?pretty

Check, the timestamps. If there is a huge difference between ts and obs.ts, then you may have backlog.

If all is fine, check the alias creation.

$ curl <elasticsearch_cluster_url>:9200/_aliases

If an alias is missing, relauch the curator:

  • Go to the punchplatform user
  • check crontab
$ crontab -l
$ # keep the curator line and run it