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Troubleshooting housekeeping alerts

Why do that

PunchPlatform admin GUI has reported RED or YELLOW status of an Elasticsearch cluster, and displayed an alert indicating housekeeping errors.

Or PunchPlatform admin GUI has reported RED alert on an Elasticsearch cluster, without any error message.

What to do

  • See in PunchPlatform admin what is the overdue action
    • If the problem is a pending archiving
      • check mount of /frozendata on all nodes of the cluster, and ensure there is remaining storage space in the mounted filesystem
      • Check admin service logs for housekeeping errors by logging on PunchPlatform Admin and viewing /data/logs/punchplatform/admin.log
      • Reproduce error by issuing manually the elasticsearch API call
    • If message is related to disabled archiving system, then restart admin service to clear alert and rearm archiving system.