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The punch is fully documented. You can download one and go on your own. In case you need assistance the PunchPlatform team provides valuable services:

  • Trainings
    • Building, running, programming a platform. We have trainings materials for all aspects. These are descibred here.
  • Architecturing
    • Give us your use cases, we will provide you with
      • Hardware and Software recommendations and configurations
      • Functional advises
  • The punch software team can operate your major platform upgrade, without service interruption
    • Keep your production up-to-date with the latest version of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Storm, Spark, Kafka etc..
      • Performing this without service interruption requires a careful plan, and (typically) back-office testing
      • the punch team can test your exact configurations on a pre-production platform
      • once ready the effective update can be performed assisted by one of our expert
  • Log/Data Parsers
    • Writing your parser on your own is easy, but unlikely what you want to do. You will end up with you own parsers to maintain.
    • Instead ask us the ones you need, if not already provided by the punch.
    • We code them for you, they will be supported on all subsequent platform releases.
    • Benefit in turn from the community parsers.
  • Analytics and Machine Learning
    • You have data, use cases and ideas, but you are unclear on how to proceed
    • Spark streaming ? Spark batch ? Cep rule ? Punchlets ? alerting rules ?
    • the punch team provides concrete assistance and guidance
  • Support
    • Benefit from support upgrades and security patches
  • Security Updates :
    • we prompt you with any vulnerability affecting one of the punch component.
    • checkout the security offer.

Contact us for details: Help Desk