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The punch platform lets you execute various pipelines using a simple yet extremely powerful configuration based strategy. You define your applications using channels themselves embedding one or several jobs. A job can be various kind of streaming or batch applications such as a storm or spark job.

Once defined you simply operate your channels using the punchctl utility.

Punch is also a programming language to manipulate json documents. With punch, you can transform, enrich, parse, manipulate json documents using a natural and straightforward syntax. In turn, the program you write can be deployed inside punchplatform topologies, and be executed to transform json documents in real time.

The punch documentation is delivered as HTML pages. Check the $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR/../doc/html/punchplatform-punchlang-lib directory.


The PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR environment variable indicate the directory where tenant and channel configuration files are stored. A tenants subdirectory is expected.Below you will find a tenant then channel directory tree.



No known bugs.