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HOWTO configure nagios to supervised platform status

Why do that

When a punchplatform runs in production, it is crucial to build a strong monitoring system. The Punchplatform Admin is the official Adminsitration and Monitoring component. Behind the IHM, a REST API is provided to ask the status of each component.

Punchplatform provides also a nagios plugin in open source to perform a recurrent check to this REST API.

What to do

  1. Download the nagios plugin
  2. Install prerequisites
  3. Check the correct functionning {.sourceCode .bash} ./ [PUNCHPLATFORM_ADMIN_HOSTNAME] [FIELD_TO_MONITOR]
  4. Add the service to hosts

IHM Example




  • make sure the firewall rules are updated to access from the nagios to the Punchplatform Admin
  • make sure prerequisites are installed