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HOWTO add a new punchplatform operator

Why do that

You may need to add new operators to a punchplatform.


  • To have an access to the deployment servers stylesheets

What to do

  1. Pull the last version of your punchplatform

    sh $ cd $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR $ git pull

  2. Check the current deployment

    sh $ --deploy -Kk --check --diff -t operator

    You must not have changes.

  3. Add new operators in punchplatform-deployment.settings

    java "punchplatform_operator" : { "configuration_name_dir_from_home" : "pp-conf", "operators_username" : ["admin1","admin2","new_operator"], "servers" : { "node01" : {} } },

  4. Deploy

    sh $ --deploy -Kk -t operator

  5. Commit you change

    sh $ git add <files> $ git push