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5.2.0 to 5.3.0

This document explains what configuration changes MUST be performed during a PunchPlatform update from version 5.2.0 to 5.3.0

General changes

Configuration files

Shiva section in

The usage of "index_prefix": "platform" in the "reporter" section is deprecated.

The only valid option is the default one. If you want to keep that field, set its value to "platform-logs-. Our advise is to completely remove that field from your configuration.

supervisorctl deprecation

supervisorctl is will be deprecated in Dave in favor of systemctl. If possible, prefer using systemctl.

This choice simplifies the maintenance of the deployment, standardizes the tasks on either Ubuntu / CentOS / RedHat or other platforms. Moreover supervision with systemctl is deemed easier.


Craig now provides the installation and the support of Ceph Mimic 13.2.5.
It is strongly recommended to use this new version for future migrations.

Ceph monitoring

Due to a change of Ceph REST API in Mimic, the monitoring of Ceph by the punch is disabled.
The monitoring will be reimplemented based and a patch will be provided.

The systemclt service will display the failed status caused by unavaibility of the Ceph REST API:
ceph-admin-api-main@<node>.service loaded failed failed Ceph admin rest api server daemon

You can also monitor Ceph using the Metricbeat component and configuring the Ceph section of this component.