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Troubleshooting unable to start a channel


The command --start is very slow and then you have a Java error like:


What to do

  • Check the PunchPlatform Admin UI:
    • If Channel and Kakfa tab are both RED, you probably have a problem with zookeeper cluster. To confirme this hypothesis : go to punchplatform-operator device and launch If you see error : Unable to connect to <host>:2181 on all host of yourzookeeper cluster. The cluster Zookeeper is probably DOWN. Please ask PunchPlatform Team Support. (if you don't care about logs loss, you can try to restart all zookeeper processes, but STRONGLY not recommended)
    • Check resolution name service (DNS).
    • Connect to the STORM UI of the storm Cluster. If you don't know the URL, please take a look a the in the section storm.clusters.<your_cluster>.ui

If you don't have error, please relaunch the > --start

  • If you have an error that explain, there is no nimbus elected:
    • Check the hostname on your server
    • Check the ip of yourhostname (ping \<hostname>)
    • Check the hostname printed on the storm UI error All must be equal ! To fix the issue.
    • Check /etc/hostname then retry.

The deployer use the fqdn of your host to set the storm configuration. If the /etc/host has changed, a restart of the storm nimbus and storm ui processed can be produced this error