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Troubleshooting with punchplatform-log-injector

Check a network bandwidth

Sometimes, it's crucial to test a network with an end to end point of view.

On the output, launch a tcp server on port 8080 :

$ --tcp-server 8080

On the input, launch an injection of log :

$ -c apache_httpd_injector.json -t 1000 -p 8080 -H <DESTINATION_IP>

Read a topic from kafka

To check the output of a processing worker without introducing a print(root) in a punch, it is useful to read a kafka topic

$ --kafka-consumer -brokers <KAKFA_CLUSTER_NAME> -topic <TOPIC_NAME>

To find the broker name, take a look in the file.

To find the list of topics of a specific broker :

$ --list --kafkaCluster <KAKFA_CLUSTER_NAME>