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Troubleshooting topology already exist on cluster

Why do that

When you violently restart some processes of your PunchPlatform (production deployment or standalone), you may have an inconsistency between the running configuration in the processsing clusters (storm) and the state of your configuration in the administration server (PunchPlatform Admin).

What to do

  • Check the state of your channel in the PunchPlatform admin or run the next command:
$ --status <tenant>/<channel>
  • Check the name of the stream processing cluster (storm) in the channel_structure.json (located in tenants/<tenant>/channels/<channel>/)
  • Go to the Web Interface of the stream processing cluster (storm UI). The complete url is available in the (located at $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR in the PunchPlatform operator devices)
  • Kill the running topologies of your off channel by clicking on the topology.