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CRAIG 5.5.0

Below is a summary of the JIRA issues addressed in the CRAIG-5.5.0 release of Punchplatform. For full documentation of the release, a guide to get started, and information about the project, see the Punchplatform project site.

Note about upgrades: Please carefully review the upgrade documentation for this release thoroughly before upgrading your cluster. The upgrade notes discuss any critical information about incompatibilities and breaking changes, performance changes, and any other changes that might impact your production deployment of Punchplatform.

The documentation for the most recent release can be found at

Release summary

This release brings the deployment of Opendistro security, a better integration of PySpark PML nodes as well as deployment fixes, punchctl patches, and improvements to reporters and metrics

Major changes

Please read Migration Guide from 5.4.0 to 5.5.0

Release notes

Major changes

  • [PP-3224] - Open Distro

Main subject

  • [PP-3224] - Open Distro
  • [PP-3340] - ElasticSearch REST client API
  • [PP-3356] - Draw and execute pyspark with job editor
  • [PP-3327] - prototype the cyber Thread Intel IOC module

New feature

  • [PP-3418] - Make Opendistro security avaible on deployer
  • [PP-1891] - finalise multi tenancy monitoring
  • [PP-3016] - Documentation needed of ssl_client_certificate parameter in TLS sections
  • [PP-3175] - PML configuration should work on both java and python
  • [PP-3303] - Plan supports for storm topologies
  • [PP-3323] - Add option --no-jar in punchplatform-command en standalone
  • [PP-3325] - Connect PML Python with the punch studio editor
  • [PP-3339] - ElasticSearch reporter API
  • [PP-3386] - pipeline management dashboards
  • [PP-3411] - pyspark metrics


  • [PP-3305] - Plan templating supports for storm
  • [PP-3355] - Use common reporters in Shiva
  • [PP-3423] - Check javadoc for Unix System during maven build
  • [PP-3432] - Grouping pp-* repositories into the unique pp-punch repository


  • [PP-2807] - Kibana deployment does not allow multiple ES nodes (resilience requires an external Load balancer)
  • [PP-3191] - Kafka spout must replay ONLY failed tuples
  • [PP-3245] - shiva does not start for node without tag
  • [PP-3250] - Non-resilient Kibana due to wrong configuration of ES URL
  • [PP-3342] - SLF4J multiple bindings storm with --no-jar
  • [PP-3346] - No failure/return code for Shiva task (e.g. housekeeper)
  • [PP-3362] - Data extraction with csv output mode
  • [PP-3371] - Missing a required field for aggregation example
  • [PP-3372] - punchctl nullPointer if status/stop on job removed from configuration
  • [PP-3403] - kafka.spout.backlog.fetch.gauge still published after partition consuming responsibility switch
  • [PP-3406] - Kibana Data Extraction
  • [PP-3407] - Setup kibana domains ONLY on appropriate kibana servers
  • [PP-3409] - Modsecurity inter-tenants isolation not hiding tenants indices names
  • [PP-3410] - Unresponsive Storm Nimbus on platforms with many topologies running
  • [PP-3416] - Elasticsearch logger issue on Punchctl in non-interactive mode
  • [PP-3417] - Missing SLF4J dependencies on punch-log-injector when working with kafka
  • [PP-3424] - {endraw} in kibana plugin template break the pp deployement
  • [PP-3426] - NoClassDefFoundError: org/slf4j/LoggerFactory for (kafka-consumer)
  • [PP-3427] - payload_field doesn't work in kafka_bolt encoding json
  • [PP-3478] - pml editor is broken
  • [PP-3482] - random split cannot be configured with weights


  • [PP-3433] - Test campaign 5.5.0