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CRAIG 5.7.6

Below is a summary of the issues addressed in the CRAIG-5.7.6 release of Punchplatform. For full documentation of the release, a guide to get started, and information about the project, see the Punchplatform project site.

Note about upgrades: Please carefully review the upgrade documentation for this release thoroughly before upgrading your cluster. The upgrade notes discuss any critical information about incompatibilities and breaking changes, performance changes, and any other changes that might impact your production deployment of Punchplatform.

The documentation for the most recent release can be found at

Release summary

Gateway forwarding improvement.

Release notes


  • [#802] - Add parameters and field "query" in forwarding url metric
  • [#809] - provide flattened input/current tuple state on punchlet exception in Punch Node
  • [#818] - Add Storm SMTP Punch Node
  • [#816] - Improve shiva health monitoring
  • [pp-4188] - Add file prefix pattern for Archiving
  • Add ES mapping for Gateway
  • Improve documentation about forwarding ES metrics