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Checkpoint firewall


Constructor : Checkpoint

Product : Firewall

Theoretical injector performance

12256 EPS

Log sample

Checkpoint: 10Sep2007 15:19:01 accept >eth3 rule: 92; rule_uid: {11111111-2222-3333-2D9FEAB89E67}; rule_name: consultants API; service_id: consultants_API; src:; dst:; proto: tcp; product: VPN-1 & FireWall-1; service: 8000; s_port: 41227;

Normalized fields

Constructor field LMC field
Time of Log [obs][ts]
Action [action]
rule not used
rule_uid [rule][uid]
rule_name [rule][name]
service_id [checkpoint][service_id]
src [init][host][ip]
s_port [init][host][port]
dst [target][host][ip]
d_port [target][host][port]
proto [checkpoint][proto]
product [checkpoint][product]
service not used