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Isc DHCP Server


Constructor : Linux

Product : Isc DHCP Server

Note : If you want to ingest DHCP logs to your punchplatform and use InfoBlox, you should check directly the InfoBlox parser. InfoBlox parser is built toward parsing DHCP, DNS and NTP logs whereas IscDHCPServer parser is only meant for DHCP logs and thus should be faster.

InfoBlox parser might work for DHCP logs and vice-versa, it depends of the log header and if you pass or not by rsyslog to redirect your dhcp server\'s output, but you should take the parser corresponding to your technology.

IscDHCPServer is compatible with DynDNS logs.

Also, we recommend using rsyslog to redirect your logs to the punchplatform and applying the syslog_header_parser in the punchlets.

Message may have the following forms :

Constructor field LMC field
action [alarm][name]
init_host_if [init][host][if]
init_host_mac [init][host][mac]
init_host_name [init][host][name]
target_host_if [target][host][if]
target_host_mac [target][host][mac]
target_host_name [target][host][name]
lease_ip [isc_dhcp_server][lease][ip]
dhcp_server [isc_dhcp_server][dhcp_server]
rev_map [isc_dhcp_server][rev_map]
fwd_map [isc_dhcp_server][fwd_map]
info [squid][info]