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Constructor : Squid

Product : Squid

Version : 3.1.23

Log format : access_log

Standard Structure of a log message :

<174>Oct 17 13:48:15 localhost (squid): 1476363790.386     10 TCP_MEM_HIT/404 11994 POST squidtester SIBLING_HIT/

According to the official log documentation (without the syslog header) :

1 duration source_ip result_code/result_status bytes_downloaded request_method url user hierarchy_code/forwarded_ip type

Logs produced by SquidGuard can NOT be analyzed yet by this parser and will result in errors, work is in progress..

Constructor field LMC field [obs][ts]
duration [session][duration]
source_ip [init][host][ip]
result_code [squid][result][code]
result_status [app][return][code]
bytes_downloaded [session][in][byte]
request_method [squid][request][method]
url [target][uri][url]
user [init][user]
hierarchy_code [squid][hierarchy][code]
forwarded_ip [squid][hierarchy][forwarded]
type [squid][type]