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Mllib Model

Before you start...

Before using...

This Punchline Node is in charge of applying a Spark MLLib transformer model,

for example a model produced by training a MLLib pipeline.

Pyspark ->

Spark ->



Our "hello world" punchline configuration.


    type: punchline
    version: "6.0"
    runtime: spark
    tenant: default
    dag: [
            type: mllib_model
            component: model_executor
            settings: {}
            publish: [
                    stream: data
            subscribe: [
                    component: input_data
                    stream: input_data
                    component: file_model
                    stream: model

run beginner_use_case.punchline by using the command below:

punchlinectl start -p $CONF

Comming soon

Comming soon


Common Settings

Name Type mandatory Default value Description
input_data String true NONE Data to apply model
model String true NONE model to use. Use the File Model Input Node to load model from a file or use Mllib to generate a model.

Advanced Settings

No advanced settings