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Collaborative Tools


the punch community has developped a number of tools to ease collaborative work. This page review each of them.

Punch Web Site

The Punch Website is the main external and public point of contact.
The goal of our website is to direct users or visitors (from thales or not) to the right area:

  • technical content (blogs)
  • product documentation
  • live demonstration
  • Download area to get the standalone

Only the punch team has write access.

Website - (preferred) -
Data studio - (restricted)
Product Documentation - Latest: - Version based:


Gitlab is a web-based git repository manager with wiki and issue tracking features. The Gitlab is managed by Thales in a secure Thales Digital Cloud.

The access is secured by authentication using your thales TGI & password.
A project access can be asked for specific cases.
Web link:


We use only Jira for the help desk portal, not (anymore) for tickets. Jira is used as Software as a Service (Saas) to benefit to latest version and mobile application.

Jira access is strictly reserved for the Punch team and to punch customers. To ask access, please contact:

Jira HelpDesok Best practices

When creating issues in the help desk:

  • fill the affected version
  • fill the component field with the name of the component or domain.
    For instance: deployer, parsing, punch…
  • Product Bug must be fixed as soon as possible => Priority has to be high_ or __highest
  • Do not fill fix version before fix the bug


Punch has a private zone on the OVH public cloud.
That platform is used to host website, to test deployment, test performance and run migration procedure. It is the second testing platform.

Access is reserved to the punch team or specific collaborating teams. To get access first create an account on OVH website. Second contact providing the generic OVH user.


The Thalebox is a rack with 3 hypervisors (Dell) and 1 switch. Their models sizing are similar to a production equipment.
That platform is used by the punch teams to test hardware performance, validate long running tasks or specifics use cases. For instance: Tuning on virtualisation, indexing on HDD, Object storage reconstruction.

The thales box is only accessible from within the secured thales corporate network.


The punchbox is an open source project that help us all to deploy and test punch reference architectures. Check it out on github.


Discord is a social messaging application that allows easy collaboration, calls (phone or video) and screen sharing. You can access the public channels through this web invite link:

You can also download their great desktop application. It runs fine on Macos, Linux or Windows.

Usage reserved for the punchplatform team. To ask access, please contact: