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You are Impatient !


if you have 20 minutes and are not familiar yet with the punch then take the time to go through the other getting started chapter. If you have only 2 minutes, read this chapter.

Start the channelctl command:


You have now a terminal with auto-completion. Check the status of your punch:

channelctl:mytenant> status 

This lists all the channels installed on yor standalone. Each channel is a complete punch application. Starts one that is a typical ELK-like example :

channelctl:mytenant> start --channel sourcefire

A punch application called a punchline is now running and ready to receive logs. Inject some logs using the punch injector tool. It will generate sourcefire logs and send them to your punchline. -c $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR/resources/injectors/mytenant/sourcefire_injector.json

Check your Kibana, you have your logs. To stop your channel :

channelctl stop

Congratulation ! You just managed a complete ELK-like production ready punch !