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Docker Setup

This guide explains how to setup your environment to deployer the Punch on Docker.
For convenience, we will use docker-compose to perform the deployment and keep a reference of the deployed platform.

This is a DRAFT section. Following commands may not exists yet or may change

Install Docker CE

Install Docker CE following the official installation guide.
Do not forget to follow the Linux Post Install...

Install Docker Compose

Install Docker Compose following the official installation guide.

Setup Punchplatform Docker

Download deployer

Get a docker deployment from the Punchplatform site and unpack it.

unzip punchplatform-deployer-<version>

Load images on remote nodes

Load all used images on remote nodes. For moment no deployer are available for it.

Load Third public images you would like to deploy:

docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull

Load custom Punchplatform images:

docker load < punchplatform-kibana-<version>-docker.tgz
docker load < punchplatform-gateway-<version>-docker.tgz
docker load < punchplatform-kafka-<version>-docker.tgz

Verify all images are available:

docker images

Start services

All right, now you can define a docker-compose.yml which contains platform architecture.

version: 3

    image: punchplatform-kibana-<version>
    restart: always
        - 5601
        - PUNCHPLATFORM_REST_API_HOSTS=http://gateway:4242
        - gateway:gateway
    // SOON

    // SOON