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Punch Services

Punch services provide additional capabilities required to run punchlines and plan. Note that two services are particularly important and provide system capabilities: the punch operator and the punch REST server.

Create the following namespaces for these two:

kubectl create ns punch-gateway-ns
kubectl create ns punchoperator-system


The namespace for Punch Operator must end with -system.

Other service provides functional capabilities. Deploy these in adequate namespace.

Service Install

Services are provided as Helm charts. To install a Helm chart, simply run the following from your PConsole :

helm install <release-name> app -n <namespace> -f my-values.yaml


  • release-name is a user-defined service id. For instance punch-gateway-release.

  • app-name is one of the available Punch service as defined in $PUNCHPLATFORM_HELM_CHARTS directory:

  • namespace is the namespace where deploying the service.

  • my-values.yaml is an optional user-defined file to override default configuration provided by each service values.yaml file. Refer to each service documentation for configuration details.

Service Removal

To delete a running service execute:

helm uninstall <release-name> -n namespace