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Patch Jar

While updating an image is as simple as updating the version number, you may sometimes want to update your jar (for example to include a bug fix) without pushing a new image.

Updating your jar is called "patching" and here's the procedure to follow.


Updating a Stormline jar is basically updating a command-app jar. You'll need :

  1. To upload your new jar as a resource.
  2. To reference this resource in the dependencies settings of your stormline.
  3. To update your pod/stormline so that the new jar is taken into account.

To upload your new jar as a resource, you'll need to create a metadata file. Here's a basic example :

type: patch
group: org.thales.punch
version: <version>
artifact: punch-command-app
description: Patched Command Jar

You can then start the upload using resourcectl :

resourcectl --url <resource-manager-url> upload -f <patch-path>

To check that your jar is correctly uploaded, you can run :

resourcectl --url <resource-manager-url>  list

You should see your patched jar listed.

You now need to reference this resource in the dependencies section of your stormline configuration.

  - patch:org.thales.punch:punch-command-app:<version>

The patch type is the key here. Before starting the stormline, resourcectl will download a patch resource in a specific patch directory. Stormline will then use this patch directory instead of the default one.

You can now delete your stormline :

kubectl delete stormline/<name> -n <namespace>

And apply your new configuration :

kubectl apply -f <config-path> -n <namespace>