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The PunchOperator is a set of Kubernetes Operators that manages pipelines, abstracted with kubernetes CRD concept :

  • Stormline : Punchline in Storm runtime for stream use cases.
  • Sparkline : Punchline in Spark runtime for batch use cases.
  • Flinkline : Punchline in Flink runtime for stream and batch use cases.
  • Application : Generic Application such as Logstash.

A resilient cron-like scheduler is also provided. The scheduler can run batch pipeline iteratively in time.

  • Plan : Wrapper to schedule our supported pipeline CR (see above) like a CRON job.

Because these pipelines are to be executed in critical environment and may consume sensitive resources during it's lifecycle, we introduced a CRD to tackle this issue.

  • Platform : Platform information to enrich pipeline CR through annotations with sensitive information (secrets, host:port, ...)

Resources Dependencies

If you need resources, such as external jars or pexs, to be included in your punchline at runtime, include them under the dependencies key, using the maven packaging syntax :

    - punch-parsers:org.thales.punch:punch-websense-parsers:1.0.0
    - punch-parsers:org.thales.punch:common-punchlets:4.0.2
    - file:org.thales.punch:geoip-resources:1.0.1
    - additional-pyspark-pex:org.thales.punch:punch-ia-functions:1.1.2

The Punchplatform Operator will instantiate an InitContainer based on resourcectl image. This container will download the specified dependencies, extract and mount them. The downloaded resources will be located in /opt/punch on the Punchline pod.

Start Punch CRD

kubectl apply -f /path/to/punchline.yaml

Stop Punch CRD

kubectl delete -f /path/to/punchline.yaml

List Punch CRD

kubectl get stormlines
kubectl get sparklines
kubectl get flinklines
kubectl get plans
kubectl get platforms