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Gateway helm


Punch provides a helm to deploy a gateway on a Kubernetes cluster. Here you can find all details to use it

Launch helm gateway

With an up and ready punch console you can deploy a gateway using the associated helm as follow :

helm install gateway $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR/resources/helm/gateway --create-namespace


The default values located in $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR/resources/helm/gateway/values.yaml are the following :

gateway_ns: kast

# Default token registry to get gateway image from internet. Remove this variable if you use an offline registry
private_registry_token: ewoJImF1dGhzIjogewoJCSJnaXRsYWIudGhhbGVzZGlnaXRhbC5pbzo1MDA1IjogewoJCQkiYXV0aCI6ICJjSEp2YW1WamRGODBNemsxWDJKdmREcEdabk5PVUZNeU55MVJWR1JpY21KNWFGaFZhZz09IgoJCX0KCX0KfQ==

# Gateway configuration
elasticsearch_url: elasticsearch.doc-store:9200
gateway_conf_dir: /opt/punchplatform/gateway/conf
gateway_conf_ui: /opt/punchplatform/gateway/ui/punch-ui-configuration.yml
minio_url: s3.object-store:9000
minio_access_key: minio
minio_secret_key: K@st2020*

You have to update this file with your specific values before deploying the gateway

Uninstall gateway

You can uninstall your gateway using the following command :

helm uninstall gateway