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6.x to 7.0 Upgrade Notes


The 7.0 is a major steps twoards kubernetes, java11 and spark3. Refer to the [../../../Product/Release_Notes/7.0/] first.

This document explains what configuration changes have to be performed during a Punch update from the latest 6.x version to a 7.0, and other changes you need to know about (e.g. command-line changes).


Check the [../../../Product/Release_Notes/7.0/ELinput and output nodes security

Overall Migration Strategy

Because the 7.0.0 is such a big major step, the principle of a migration consists in installing a 7.0.0 on the side, and start the 6.x channels progressively on that new instance.

The overall logic is that all 6.3 and greater punch configuration files are supported on 7.0.0.

The first step consists in making all you 6.x application only use shiva as runtime. Do not use the storm cluster anymore. Next replace 'shiva' by 'kubernetes' and your applications will run on kubernetes instead of shiva.