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Troubleshooting receive compressed logs

Why do that

  • You have found that you are receiving logs under an abnormal compressed format
  • The topology receiving the logs fails, probably raising unexpected errors

In the punchplatform, sometimes we should compress logs to adress performance issues. If the logs are compressed but not properly decompressed, you may found some poorly formated logs such as :

2018-11-19 11:29:49.393 STDIO [INFO] {
  "logs": {
    "log": "x�\\��N�0\f��<FΥjұM���2!�&q�B�uQ\u0013'j<�j��q�Q!r�e��~�W6�Ӡ���>���;\u001d��u̹\tK��\u000bPU\b�^�k�|ӫ\u0018(�٦ �uQV\fI�\u001f\u0016b)�v�⫆R���\u00102��\u0000�%��1\t4�dEA�40�9��7+Jj��y�:6\"D?�2�\u000b\u001e4��)�cɼV��j��k��ӂb\u001f���$o�d%\rd\u0000�2��\u0002ȶ�������\u000e��\u001fO�xK�����%�\u001e����O\f��n^M&���������E�~\u0000\u0000\u0000���&1:��ahfbn2\u001a\u001dT�\u000e�̼�"

To fix the issue, you must decompress the logs in the spout recieving it. Add to your spout_settings :

"compression": true,