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Training Modules


The Punch training modules cover the various capabilities of the punch : log management, parsing, data processing, nmachine learning, etc.. as well as non functional key aspects such as monitoring, operations, deployment. Refer to the overall punch training overview.

Before You Start

The training tracks are organised into several training modules; The following graphs show the training prerequisites for each modules (HLI has no other module prerequisite, but is required for all modules).


Most training modules require the standalone punchplatform. Make sure you are familiar with the Punch Training Material Conventions and the overall punch training organisation as described in the punch training overview.

Training Environment and Tools

Punch trainings leverage several tools highlighted next.


  • the punch standalone is great to focus on functional patterns, development, log management. It runs natively on any unix laptop. No container, no virtualbox, no ssh. Simple and straigth yet with nearly all the punch features.
  • the punch console makes it easy to work with kubernetes. You can use it as a client to a MiniKube, a kubernetes deployed on virtual boxes, or a real remote kubernetes cluster.
  • the punchbox is an open source github project that makes it easy to deploy all sorts of punch on kubernetes using vagrant. It is a great tool to be trained with the deployment process of Punh and Kast.
  • the punch deployer is the non-kubernetes deployer. It is still supported and is used in the dedicated training chapters.

Online Training Tracks: