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Deployer Getting Started

This getting started aims at making you deploy a complete production punch on a test infrastructure.

The infrastructure (i.e. the VMs) that you need to deploy a 3 or 5 nodes punch is provided by the punchbox. The punchbox is a public githup project that provides an easy and quick path to deploy a punch on vagrant virtual boxes. If you have a laptop with 16 or 32 Gb ram, it is for you.

The steps for deploying a punch are as follows:

First, download the latest deployer package from our download area.

Second choose the type of punch you want to deploy: One, three, five nodes ? with spark , elasticsearch or clickhouse ?


The punch deployment tools are powerful and modular. It is possible (and recommended) to start small and add more components or resources as you go, in particular if you are new to the punch and are not sure yet what will be your use case(s).

Then go for it. Follow the punchbox instructions. If you do not use the punchbox pay attention to the prerequisites. With the punchbox it is a lot easier as the punchbox takes care of deploying what is needed.

In all case: get in touch with us if you have questions or issues.