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Welcome to the Punch product documentation for the Dave 6.4 release.

The Punch is a ready-to-go-production data analytics solution. It is built on key open source technologies such as Storm, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch and many more.

The Punch makes it possible to run data pipelines on top of those technologies. The key value of the Punch is the design of such pipelines with simple configuration. In Punch, a data pipeline is just a YAML file with input, processing and output nodes.

These pipelines cover a wide range of functional use cases :

  • data collection and transport from edge to central platforms.
  • data parsing, filtering and enrichment.
  • real-time alerting, machine learning.

Have fun discovering the Punch unique value proposal !

Use cases


Why the Punch ?

The Punch is designed for designing industrial use cases. It as all the features required for a production system :

  • deployment on multiple servers
  • application monitoring
  • pipeline monitoring
  • COTS monitoring
  • multi-tenancy
  • security

Overview & Value Proposition

To go through the Punch rationale and understand its unique offering, start here:


The Punch relies on a few simple concepts. Together they enable you to design and run various kinds of processing logics : stream and batch computing, complex event processing, correlation and detection, machine learning algorithms, and more. This short chapter explains these core Punchplatform concepts and ideas in details.

Getting Started

The Punch is freely available for testing. Simply download the standalone package from Then, follow the getting started chapter instructions. You will design, deploy and run complete data pipelines in minutes. With this tutorial, you will be ready to design your own use cases.

Reference Guide

The Punch provides you with powerful building blocks, features and functions you can in turn assemble into higher level use cases. The reference guide provides detailed explanations for each component. This is the richest part of the documentation.


The Punch is designed to be production ready. This chapter provides instructions and guidance to best operate your platform, and provide helpful troubleshooting notes.


Want to participate ? Welcome !

Contributing Guide

Why Dave ?


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