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channelctl : manage your channels.


channelctl --tenant mytenant


The channelctl command is the main command to manage your channels. It allows you to start stop or query the status of your channels and punchlines.

This command works in two ways. To start an interactive shell, simply launch

channelctl --tenant <tenant_name>

Where <tenant_name> is a tenant name. From there, follow the documented commands. Use the TAB character to get auto-completion.

Alternatively you can execute commands in non interactive mode using the following syntax:

channelctl --tenant <tenant_name> <options> <arguments>

Where command is one of the described command you will find using the interactive mode.


  • status

    • Return a short status information of channel(s) and application(s).
  • start

    • Start channel(s) and application(s).
  • reload

    • Reload channel(s) and application(s). Only these application marked as kill_then_start are stopped then restarted.
  • stop

    • Stop channel(s) and/or applications(s).
  • describe

    • Print a description of the current channel(s) and application(s) state.
  • reset

    • clear and reset the screen
  • configure

    • configure channels based on templates files in $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR/tenants/<tenant>/etc/channel_config and in $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR/tenants/<tenant>/etc/templates
  • --channel

    • execute the command for a selected channel. a '' wildcard can be used in the channel name to apply the same command to multiple channels. (e.g. : start --channel output_ )
  • --punchline

    • execute the command for a selected application an application name is composed of <channel>/<runtime_id>/<punchline_name> the runtime_id/punchline_name must be a valid combination from the channel_structure.json file. Wildcard ('*') can be used in any part of this application Id, to apply the same command to multiple channels/clusters/applications


Here are some self explanatory examples

channelctl --tenant mytenant status 
channelctl --tenant mytenant status --channel sourcefire
channelctl --tenant mytenant start --channel sourcefire
channelctl --tenant mytenant reload --channel sourcefire
channelctl --tenant mytenant start --application */main/to_elasticsearch_topology
channelctl --tenant mytenant configure $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR/tenants/mytenant/etc/channel_config/apache_httpd_channel.yaml


channelctl uses the library located :

  • $PUNCHPLATFORM_INSTALL_DIR/lib/punch-command-app-*with-dependencies.jar


The logging verbosity of channelctl is controlled by the following two files:

  • $PUNCHPLATFORM_LOG4J_CONF_DIR/log4j2-channelctl.xml

Note that these loggers use the file appenders.


channelctl is only executed in the context of the operator terminal environment.


punchlinectl environment