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HOWTO develop punchlets in sublime text

Why do that

You have performed the punch_programming two-minutes tour and develop with a nice and coloful editor.

What to do

If you have a standalone, go to $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR/resources/contrib/sublimeText3/ and launch the script. It is actually supported directly in Linux and MacOS X, in Sublime Text 3.

Open then any punchlet (.punch file) in your Sublime Text Editor. Check the new syntactic coloration, and try out Ctrl+B (or Cmd+B) to see the builder in action !

In case you have problems check the following items:

If you experience issues with the sublime script, it depends on which stage it goes wrong:

The installer is crashing

Best is to contact directly the support team for support with the installer\'s stacktrace.

Sublime Text prints out an error at startup

That could mean that some files are miscopied or are not proper JSON. Go to your Packages/User directory in Sublime Text preferences (Browse Installed Packages) and check out the conformity of files with JSON.

Sublime Text is not coloring my punchlets

That means that the syntactic coloration does not work. Check that The syntax is enabled in your View>Syntax parameters.

I want to remove this plugin

You can remove easily all the files beginning with Punch* in your Packages/User Sublime Preferences. The dependency ANSIescape is also installed. As it is self-portable, you can remove the folder in the same directory as well.

Sublime Text does not build my punchlet

Check in you Build System that the Buils system is enabled. If it still doesn't work, check that the Punch.sublime-build is JSON and seems OK. If some paths are incorrect (e.g. you upgraded your PunchPlatform Standalone), then just reinstall it.