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The punch is not a solution to everything. As we just explained in the previous track(s) it claims to target data centric applications, i.e applications that process data. But this may still be vague to you though, after all virtually every application process data.

Is the punch really for you ? If the trainer was succesful you have some idea. Let us conclude this training module by a simple exercice.


You are a software architect, and you have some use case to solve (pick one, whatever it is). You have an idea of the type of architecture and technologies that would do the job:

  1. an entreprise bus, ERPs, mediation services
  2. a bunch of containerized micro-services in Kubernetes
  3. An hadoop big data stack
  4. some specific NoSql COTS : Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Clickhouse, Postgresql, InfluxDb, ..
  5. stream processing engines such as Flink, Spark, Storm
  6. a Kafka (or similar queuing) backbone
  7. Dataiku or similar AI-ready frameworks and tools
  8. Python apps deployed on GPUs
  9. Spark, Databrick suite and services
  10. Serverless frameworks
  11. ACID database transactions

For each would you say the Punch is (i) not relevant at all, (ii) to some extent relevant or (iii) very relevant ?


Our team members view (so may be not yours):

  • (iii) 5, 6, 7, 9
  • (ii) 1, 2, 3, 4, 8
  • (i) 10, 11