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The Punch comes with many tools to monitor : - system - COTS (Elasticsearch, Kafka, Storm etc...) - channels & punchlines

Most of the monitoring requires the monitoring channel on the platform tenant.

Here is how to activate it :

channelctl -t platform start --channel monitoring

System monitoring

Go to Kibana > Dashboards > [System Monitoring] Overview.


This dashboard is based on monitoring agents : Metricbeat It is shipped with the Standalone and is already running.

The Metricbeat collects various system and monitoring metrics and forwards them to Elasticsearch.

Platform monitoring

The Punchplatform has tools to monitor the platform and its COTS.

In foreground, there is the platformctl command-line tool to have a snapshot view of your COTS.

In background, there is the platform-monitoring application which is launched in a channel to monitor your COTS continuously.


On your Standalone, get a view of all your components :

platformctl health

To get detailed health of a component :

platformctl health --service kafka


In the channel monitoring of platform tenant, there is a platform_health application.

This application monitors COTS continuously and send data to Elasticsearch (index platform-health-YYYY.MM.DD).

Checkout Kibana > Dashboards > [PTF] Platform

Channels & Punchlines monitoring

Channels are monitored at the tenant level.

It is already started on the platform tenant thanks to the command at the beginning of this chapter. Let's start it for mytenant as well :

channelctl -t mytenant start --channel monitoring

This starts the channels_monitoring application. This application does 2 things :

  • It monitors the calls to channelctl.
  • It forwards metrics from Shiva applications to mytenant-metrics-YYYY.MM.DD index in ES.

Start some channels in Shiva to check how they are monitored :

channelctl -t mytenant start --channel stormshield_networksecurity
channelctl -t mytenant start --channel websense_web_security

Go to Kibana > Dashboards > [PTF] Channels

Go to Kibana > Dashboards > [PTF] Logs

Go to Kibana > Dashboards > [PTF] Metrics