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Troubleshooting Ansible Inventories Generation

Why do that

During PunchPlatform deployment, an error occurs during inventories generation :

Generating new '/home/admin/pp-conf/platforms/production/generated_inventory/current-deployment.inv' ansible inventory
from PunchPlatform property file '/home/admin/pp-conf/'
   deployment settings '/home/admin/pp-conf/punchplatform-deployment.settings'
   distribs  '{
"local_punchplatform_distribs_dir" : /home/admin/punch-deployer-3.0.5/archives,
"local_dependencies_distribs_dir": /home/admin/punch-deployer-3.0.5/archives
   jinja template '/home/admin/punch-deployer-3.0.5/inventory_templates/punchplatform-deployment-inventory-template.j2'
Computing dynamic values from properties and settings files...
ERROR: Could not retrieve element matching json path '
FATAL ERROR could not read PunchPlatform property ''.

What to do

  • You've completed a field with a long hostname (target.myzone.lan here) instead of a short name (target here). Please correct your configuration file as following:
    "elasticsearch": {
      "clusters": {
        "es_search": {
          "nodes": {
            "target": { (instead of "target.myzone.lan")

Furthermore, in case of single machine deployment all hostnames have to be short (without a point .).

  • Relaunch deployer: --deploy -k -K (passwords will be asked)