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Troubleshooting unable to start a channel

Why Do That

The command channelctl start is very slow and ends up with errors like UnknownHostException, TimoutException or ÌoExceptions

What to do

  • Check the status of your platform with platformctl status command, or check the punch admin dashboard:
    • Ensure that each service zookeeper, kafka, storm, spark etc.. are properly running. They must all return a green running status.
    • Check you resolution name service (DNS).
    • Optional: check the storm or spark UIs

If you don't know the URL, take a look at the in the section storm.clusters.<your_cluster>.ui

If you do not have error, relaunch the channel

channelctl start

Storm Specific

  • If you have a storm error saying there is no nimbus elected:
    • Check the hostname on your server
    • Check the ip of your hostname (ping \<hostname>)
    • Check the hostname printed on the storm UI error All must be equal ! To fix the issue.
    • Check /etc/hostname then retry.

The deployer uses the fqdn of your hosts to set the storm configuration. A change in the /etc/host file may explain these errors. Once fixed; make sure to restart the storm services on all the required nodes.