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HOWTO deal with light topology

This page is designed as a quick reference for configuring your work with the concept of Light Topology.

Running topologies is usually done through a Storm cluster. But a lighter alternative named "Light Topology" is also available.


You can run a light topology in foreground like any traditional topology by specifying the light mode instead of "local" or "cluster".

punchlinectl topology.json

With Shiva

To execute the Light topology like any channel you have to configure the channel using the ltr_light profile provided in standalone.

channelctl configure conf/tenants/mytenant/etc/channel_config/ltr_light.json --profile ltr_light

Your channel folder now contains a script and the channel_structure.json is set to run in "Light Topology" mode your channel.

├── channel_structure.json
├── forwarding_topology.json
├── input_topology.json

You can run this channel like any other channel.

channelctl start --channel ltr_light