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Before you start


The Punch Standalone is running on one node - your laptop. The Punch Deployer makes it possible to configure a Punchplatform on multiple nodes. In this tutorial, we will setup a 3-node Punchplatform based on Vagrant boxes:

For this we need 4 VMs:

  • 1 VM for Punch Deployer
  • 3 VMs for Punch Nodes



  • 16GB of RAM
  • 60 GB of storage

Virtualbox & Vagrant

You need Virtualbox and Vagrant to run this tutorial.

Punch deployer

You must have a Punchplatform Deployer to run this tutorial. If you do not have one, request one from this form.

Once installed add a few additional plugins:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-disksize
vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
vagrant plugin install vagrant-scp

Start VMs

Before deploying your platform, you need to create and deploy the VMs. We will use the following Vagrantfile.

Put the Vagrantfile on a folder on your laptop. Your VMs data will be stored here. Run vagrant up in this folder to start the VMs.

Once all VMs are up, check that you can access the deployer:

# laptop -> deployer
vagrant ssh deployer

From the deployer, check that you can access through SSH to the target servers:

# deployer -> serverX
ssh server1 exit
ssh server2 exit
ssh server3 exit

Upload Punch Deployer

Upload the Punch deployer on the deployer VM:

vagrant scp /path/to/your/ deployer:~

Prepare Punch Deployer

Extract the deployer package and make sure that its resources will not be overwritten.

vagrant ssh deployer
chmod -R o-w punch-deployer-6.4.4/