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Darwin setup

Macos works as deployer server except that it does not allow you to deploy a CEPH cluster.

Deployer node setup

Install packages

First install Xcode. Then install the following packages:

sudo easy_install pip
brew install core-utils

Install Python 3.6.8

sudo apt install python3 python3-pip

Python 3.6.8 from source

If you do not have Python 3.6.8 in the official repository,
you can install Python 3.6.8 from source following this guide

Install Ansible 2.9.7

Install ansible:

# ansible 2.9.7 
sudo pip3 install ansible==2.9.7

or, if you do not have internet access or local pip repository :

cd archives
cd ansible-2.9.7
sudo ./

Environment setup

This section will update your PATH so as to have the available.

cd punch-deployer-<version>
echo "export PATH=`pwd`/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bash_profile
source .bashrc

Configuration setup

Next, create your platform configuration directory.
This directory will hold the description of your target platform with the and the punchplatform-deployment.settings files.

Create configuration directory:

cd ~
mkdir pp-deployment-conf
cd pp-deployment-conf
echo "export PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR=`pwd`" >> ~/.bash_profile

Create logs directory:

cd ~
mkdir pp-deployment-logs
cd pp-deployment-logs
echo "export PUNCHPLATFORM_LOG_DIR=`pwd`" >> ~/.bash_profile

Then update your environment

source ~/.bash_profile

Check it worked as expected. The result of the env command must look like:

env | grep PUNCH

echo $PATH

Targeted nodes setup

Specific features

Ceph specific requirements

Ceph is not supported on Darwin OS.