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Submitting blog post


This guide help you to create a ready to publish blog post.

Post reading level

No matter what topic you suggest, you should always assume that the reader knows nothing about your topic. This blog can be shared on networks like LinkedIn for technicians and salespeople.

Wordpress configuration

You must have an account on the punchplatform site to post a topic.

Create a post

Log into the administration of the Punchplatform site, then click on the tab Posts.
click on Add new. Ok you can now write your post.

Now let's see how to configure your post.

Main title

Choose a relevant blog title Ideally, your title is not too short (<100 characters) or too long (> 150 characters).
Try to put the keywords in your title, and encourage them to check out your topic.


Please use an already defined category.

Please check only one already defined category.


You can add some tags, of your choice..

Feature image

You must provide an image format 600px * 300px.

Try to have a nice, colorful picture.


Please uncheck allow comments and allow pingbacks & trackbacks.

Post sidebar

Leave the Post sidebar section by default.

Blog post structure


The structure of the subject is specific to the subject, however, try to keep a "funnel" structure with high level introductions and gradually enter the heart of the subject.

Ideally your post is the consequence of a realization carried out following a need.
Don't hesitate to explain the need that led to your work.

Content of the post

The content is free, note that images have great value, and that it may be interesting to illustrate your words. Similarly if you provide technical procedures (commands, configuration, code ...) prefer the text version rather than a screenshot.

The reader can easily reproduce your example. Finally if the code is too important. You can provide a foldable component, an attachment at the end of the post, or a link to a Github repo (for example that of the punch). You keep an article easy to read while providing useful technical sources.


As your post is the consequence of a realization carried out following a need. Feel free to comment on the completion and usability of your work. The openness to other possible achievements, the difficulties ... In short, conclude your subject.


Never publish your post directly. Leave it in draft, and propose it for re-reading to the Punch team.
The Punch team will publish the post.