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This chapter highlights the punch security plane.

The punch lets you define your access control policies so that you can isolate:

  • tenants : each tenant is fully isolated from each other
  • users : inside tenant you can define group or communities of users so as to enforce your security rules

Security is a broad topic, as it covers both users access control policies, as well as protecting inner components by securing their internal interactions. Here is a punch overview.


On the left, regular users are provided with a Kibana based access. These users have restricted access to the platform. They operate only through the various pKibana plugins to visualize the data, preform extractions etc..

On the right advanced users (i.e. admin users) are provided with a complete access. These users can deploy or act upon the platform, schedule and define new processing channels.

Refer to the security documentation for details.


the punch leverages the amazon open distro plugins to enforce security.