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Log Collector : Platform Events forwarder punchline (2)

Reference central site platform monitoring events management (image)

Key design highlights

JSON encoding


For compatibility purpose with 'beats' inputs (metricbeat at least) the message in the platform-events Kafka topic is in JSON format, not Lumberjack.

Please refer to reference punchline example for appropriate configuration of the Lumberjack input node.

Transport / interface / HA

The forwarding of platform events is done using Lumberjack protocol, as we would for other cybersecurity logs or events that we do not want to lose. For example, the operator actions must not be lost for 2 reasons :

  • because they are part of the audit trail of the operator actions.
  • because they are used to trigger the channels monitoring service on central site (i.e. an application is monitored only if the last known operator action for this application is a 'start').

With this acknowledged protocol, if there is a failure to handle the data on the remote central site, then the data will be replayed later for forwarding.

The lumberjack_ouput node is able to target multiple target servers on the central site. This implements load balancing and high availability of the forwarding mechanism.

Reference configuration example

Monitoring - Events forwarder punchline

version: "6.0"
runtime: shiva
type: punchline
# The purpose of this punchline is to send various types of platform events to different indices
# so that they have different retention rules.

# This is important because all platform events (platform metrics, operator commands audit events, health monitoring status...)
# are coming through a single events flow (especially when coming from remote platforms) .

# This is a reference configuration item for DAVE 6.0 release - checked 21/07/2020 by CVF
  - type: kafka_input
      topic: platform-monitoring
      # This topic receives metric or events from the platform components, but directly stored in
      # a json string (therefore the value_codec setting) in the kafka document (no Lumberjack envelope,
      # contrary to what is usual in other kafka topics of the punchplatform.

      # This is the standard way for beats to write to kafka (among which, the metricbeat we are
      # using to collect
        type: string
      # Each time we restart/crash, we continue from last checkpoint to avoid dropping tuples
      start_offset_strategy: last_committed
      # In case no checkpoint is remembered for this topic and consumer group, then start from the top of the Kafka topic
      auto.offset.reset: earliest
      fail_action: sleep
      fail_sleep_ms: 50
      - stream: docs
          - doc

  - type: lumberjack_output
        - host: centralfront1
          port: 1711
          compression: true
          ssl: true
          ssl_client_private_key: "@{PUNCHPLATFORM_SECRETS_DIR}/server.pem"
          ssl_certificate: "@{PUNCHPLATFORM_SECRETS_DIR}/server.crt"
          ssl_trusted_certificate: "@{PUNCHPLATFORM_SECRETS_DIR}/fullchain-central.crt"

        - host: centralfront2
          port: 1711
          compression: true
          ssl: true
          ssl_client_private_key: "@{PUNCHPLATFORM_SECRETS_DIR}/server.pem"
          ssl_certificate: "@{PUNCHPLATFORM_SECRETS_DIR}/server.crt"
          ssl_trusted_certificate: "@{PUNCHPLATFORM_SECRETS_DIR}/fullchain-central.crt"
      - component: kafka_input
        stream: docs

    - type: kafka
      reporting_interval: 60

  topology.max.spout.pending: 6000