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Punch documentation plugin

This Kibana plugin makes it possible to display Punch documentation.


The plugin is available in the Standalone and in the Deployer.

bash $KIBANA_INSTALL_DIR/bin/kibana-plugin install file:///<>


The plugin requires the following parameters in $KIBANA_INSTALL_DIR/config/kibana.yml

# Mandatory, must end with html/
punch_documentation.path: '/opt/data/external/kibana-7.10.2/plugins/punchDocumentation/documentation/html/'

This parameter is automatically set when using Standalone or Deployer.


Go to Kibana > Punch Documentation.


Plugin version / Punch version 6.4.1 6.4.2 6.4.3 6.4.4 6.4.5
1.0.1 included yes yes yes yes
1.0.2 yes included yes yes yes
1.0.3 yes yes included incl incl


  • yes : compatible
  • no : not compatible
  • incl : included in Deployer & Standalone binaries