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HOWTO use kibana with keycloak on the standalone

Why do that

Demonstrate the ability of the Kibana Punchplatform plugin to restrict access to Punchplatform features.


  • Works on standalone only
  • Internet

What to do

Use Kibana through Keycloak Gatekeeper (proxy)

If you have a standalone, follow the next steps..

  • Install or reinstall standalone with --with-keycloak options.
  • start standalone
  • go to kibana using Keycloak Gatekeeper (proxy)
  • Login with bob/bob (restricted user) or alice/alice (full access user) credentials.

You can check the status of Keycloak using --status and --status

Custom keycloak configuration

Administration Console

Administration application is available on with admin/password credentials.

Punchplatform plugin is defined by a client named standalone-proxy. You can manage groups, users and roles from here.