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6.1 to 6.2 Upgrade Notes

This document explains what configuration changes have to be performed during a PunchPlatform update from version 6.1.x to 6.2.0, and other changes you need to know about (e.g. command-line changes).


Kibana Gateway cluster target

Kibana is now able to target a Gateway cluster instead of an Elasticsearch cluster.

Thus, every request of the Kibana client will be redirected to this Gateway cluster then forwarded to the Elasticsearch data cluster configured inside the gateway :

  "kibana": {
    "kibana_version": "7.8.0",
    "domains": {
      "admin": {
        "gateway_cluster_target": "gateway_cluster_name",
        "kibana_port": 5601,
        "type": "administration"
    "servers": {
      "server1": {
        "address": "server1"

FileOutput encoding

FileOutput encoding setting can now take values csv, json, avro and parquet. Previous text value is replaced by csv, which is the default and recommended mode for archiving. Check FileOutput documentation for more information.

Punchlang Operators


The methods that retrieved a specific header have been removed. The methods that retrieved content have been renamed. The MailOperator now provides on() and into() methods to work on tuples. Old punchlang code that will not work any longer :

    MailOperator mailOp = mail(root:[emails][log]);
    result[to] = mailOp.getTo();
    result[from] = mailOp.getFrom();
    result[content] = mailOp.getContent();

Updated punchlang code :