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DAVE-6.4.0 release notes

This document is a summary of content, changes, limitations and fixes of this release as compared to DAVE-6.3.X release.

Refer to the the Punchplatform official site if you look for the complete documentations and resources.

The documentation for this release can be found inside the deployment archives (standalone and deployer versions), and at

The documentation for the most recent release can be found at

Note about upgrades: Please carefully review the upgrade documentation for this release thoroughly before upgrading your clusters. The upgrade notes (e.g. upgrade from 6.3 to 6.4) discuss every critical information about incompatibilities and breaking changes, performance changes, and any other configuration changes that might impact your production deployment of Punchplatform.


This release is the 6.4.X LTS release. Compared to a 6.3.x, the 6.4.0 releases mainly leverages Kafka 2.8.1, Apache Storm 2.3.0, and Zookeeper 3.7.0 versions in order to benefit from their latest java 1.8 releases.

A few minor improvments have also been introduced, refer to the list below.


  • #1729 : upgrade Kafka to 2.8.1, storm to 2.3.0 and zookeeper to 3.7.0.
  • #1730 : the support for nailgun development kit as part of the standalone has been removed.
  • #1734 add schemas for log management platform example

Bug Fixes

  • #1098 : fix storectl labels
  • #1600 : fix housekeeping pool default value
  • #1742 : wrong geoip resource version in standalone
  • #1754 : fixed kibana without secrets fails to deploy multiple node on the same domain
  • #1756 : ensure unarchived directories are owned by the correct user and group
  • #0001 : fix apache_httpd archiving topology

Internal tasks

  • #0000 add release process in
  • #0000 add manual validation for kafka and storm