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HOWTO update a platform


If you are on production platform, you may want to update you system. In order to do that, there is sequential approach that can be done to ensure that everything will be alright.

What to do

We are on a resilient platform, meaning that we can easily unplug one node from the cluster without damaging the whole infrastructure of the platform. Knowing that will allow us to work on one node, do the updates, restart the node and plug it to the cluster without damage. However, some parts of the cluster are not resilient. But the platform is built in a way that each part which isn't resilient is not necessary for the survivability of the platform. For example the Punchplatform Admin isn't resilient but it's not mandatory so you can update and restart the node without risks.

Preliminary Actions

You have to check that for now, your platform is in a green state. To do that, first go on supervisorctl :

sudo supervisorctl

Check that everything is started.

Stop the process on the node to update and check that it is properly done

sudo supervisorctl
stop all

Now check that everything is stopped :

sudo supervisorctl

Now kill running topologies on local :

sudo pkill java

You can check that everything is stopped with the following commands, ie no worker, no logger, no storm process running etc...

sudo jps
ps -aux

Update your node

sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Reboot your node (if necessary) :

sudo reboot

After the reboot, supervisord processes and topologies will be restarted

Check that everything is fine

sudo supervisorctl

You can check that everything is started with the following commands :

sudo jps
ps -aux
check Storm UI

If everything seems fine, you can reproduce the same actions on another node of the platform.


In case you need some advice or help during the process, you can contact the support. To do that there are two possibilities. Firstly you can contact us by mail at . Secondly you can send a request to our service desk portal if you have previously been allowed.