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CPA Module


The CPA (previously CHA) punch training module covers the channels, punchlines and applications design

Before You Start

Welcome to the Channels and applications design training module. This training requires you download the standalone punchplatform.

To begin, read the introduction of the Configuration Overview documentation. The basics are quite simple to understand : a punchline is contained in a channel and a channel is contained in a tenant.

We will go through these different parts one by one in the following tracks

HJSON vs Json, converting

Most of the configuration files are in yaml format. If you are not familiar with this syntax, take some time to understand how it works and the difference with plain json. Many online convertors are available to convert the one to the other.


The punch 6.x releases support (and will keep supporting) the hjson format. Hjson is nice, is json compatible and has many benefit to deal with human oriented configuration files. However it is not supported broadly and yaml can be as conveniently used.

Check the punch tool installed on your standalone : hjson-manager. It makes it easy to convert json / hjson / yaml files.

How to check if yaml/json or hjson files are valid ?

  • A json file can be checked using jq:

jq . myfile.json

  • A hjson file can be checked and converted to json at the same time using hjson-manager. A tool shipped with the punch.

    cat myfile.hjson | hjson-manager

  • If you want to convert json or hjson files to yaml:

    cat myfile.hjson | hjson-manager --yaml > myfile.yaml

Understanding Tenant

During the training track, examples are presented as part of the 'mytenant' working tenant. If training on a production or shared platform instead of a standalone, create your own tenant folder to work separately from other trainees.

If yo do not work with the mytenanttenant, make sure to :

  • specify -t yourtenant as first parameter of all punchlinectl or channelctl commands OR define your default tenant in your environment (export PUNCHPLATFORM_TENANT=yourtenant in each of your window, or in your ~/.bashrc file)

  • change all references to 'mytenant' to 'yourtenant' in provided examples

Training Tracks