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Feature List


The Punch is a ready to go production stack. Its key value proposition is to let you leverage open, scalable and resilient technologies for your industrial use cases, not just for your labs.

The punchplatform key features are the following:

  • Security & Multitenancy :

    Data integrity

    Role Bases Access Control


    Multi-Tenant data protection

  • Automatic deployment and in-built monitoring :

    Centralized Configuration management

    3 level monitoring : system, platform and business components

    Fully integrated platform

  • Punch programming language:


    grok, kv, csv, JSON, dissect support are in-built in the punch language

    Route, enrich, filter your data

    Run it in minutes in any java, Storm or Spark applications

  • Punch Machine Learning

    Design rich analytics and machine learning pipelines with no coding

    Leverage the complete spark machine learning libraries

  • Keep your Business logic under control

    assemble stream, batch and administrative tasks in minutes

    schedule them for continuous or periodic execution

  • A extended Kibana interface to :

    Manage and monitor the platform

    Discover, visualise and search your data

    Design and run analytics pipelines

  • Alerting and Rules :

    Leverage powerful declarative and complex event processing rules

    Combine them in stream or batch pipelines

  • Long-term archiving :

    Storage-efficient and secured solution based on distributed object storage.

    Requires only local storage, fully monitored and integrated

    Archiving and extraction services