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NAME - link standalone to your development workspace.



This command makes it easy to develop on top of the punchplatform There are two situations. First you have access to the punch git repositories, in which case you typically want to test your devs on a standalone. To do that use the --patch argument so that your standalone refer to your compiled development jars.

Second you may be coding something completely on top of the punch. What you need then is probably to have some of your java or scala maven artifacts refer to the jars delivered as part of the standalone.

Use the --list and --install options to export to your local maven repository the punch jars so that you can cleanly depend on them.


  • --patch

    • patch your standalone to refer to your development jars
  • --list

    • list the dependencies you must add to your poms once you have used the --install option.
  • --install

    • install the standalone platform jars as maven artifacts in your local repository


The following environment variables affect the execution of punchplatform commands :


    • The $PUNCHPLATFORM_CONF_DIR variable must point to the directory holding the file.
  • PATH :

    • The bin directory of you punchplatform standalone setup must be included in your system path. First encountered version will prevail

    • The $PUNCHPLATFORM_DEV_DIR variable is required fot the --patch option. It must point to the directory holding your git punchplatform repositories.


Is expected is ~/workspace/pp-core and ~/workspace/pp-analytics to exists and contained the compiled punch corresponding repos. --patch --dev ~/workspace